Safran Identity & Security has announced the planned launch of a new access and time fingerprint terminal called MorphoAccess SIGMA Extreme at an upcoming trade show.The company noted in a statement that the this device is the newest addition to the SIGMA family of fingerprint readers, which replaces the MorphoAccess and Bioscrypt 4G legacy ranges.Based on the same platform as the entire SIGMA product line, the outdoor MA SIGMA Extreme is designed to operate in harsh conditions, resisting rain, snow, dust and salt mist.The ruggedized biometric reader is designed for secure access control in challenging environments, such as mines, seaports, airports and industrial sites.”We have over 15 years' experience in supplying access and time solutions to the harshest industries. With the entire SIGMA product family, integrators and partners have a complete and compatible range of biometric terminals for flexible and secure solutions using the world's most accurate fingerprint technology,” said Samuel Fringant, Executive Vice President, Security Division at Safran Identity & Security.