US chipmaking giant Intel has revealed a tie-up with with Deutsche Telekom that will see the German carrier bring Intel's multimodal password and identity management solution True Key to the European market.The True Key application, which works on computers, tablets and phones, allows users to rapidly log customers into their apps and online accounts through using multiple factors including facial recognition, fingerprints, device authorisation and geo-location, among others.”We know that using multiple factors including biometrics is a hot topic as a solution to the password problem in Europe but Intel Security's True Key application goes even further, ” said Marc Sommer, senior vice president, Group Business Development at Deutsche Telekom.”It puts the user in control as they can customize the levels of their personal security across their devices. True Key offers a more secure solution so our customers can be reassured that only they have access to their True Key profile.”European mobile users have an average of 26 apps on their phones and over half access social networking sites on their mobiles every day. Consumers struggle to remember the user names and passwords required to log into all their apps, especially when you consider that the average consumer has around 25 online accounts and 10 different passwords.Russia-based mobile device maker Prestigio also revealed this week that it has signed an agreement with Intel that will see True Key rolled out across the EMEA with initial pre-install roll-out in Russia.”Our customers want to manage their digital lives on mobile devices, whether that is on a mobile phone or on a tablet and this technology offers a safer and easier way to do that,” says Marek Horyl, general manager and chief operational officer, Prestigio EMEA. “People are expected to create complex passwords across their digital lives and True Key takes away the hassle of typing, creating and remembering them. By quickly logging users into their favourite websites and apps, this advanced technology allows our customers to enjoy the quality digital experience they want from their devices.””Using the same easy passwords over and over, or writing passwords down, are the two most popular methods for dealing with the password problem – neither of which are a good solution,” says Mark Hocking, VP and general manager of Safe Identity, Intel Security. “Planet Biometrics interviewed Intel's Richard Reiner on True Key in January.