Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) officials have said they are considering the use of biometric identification tech for concessional rates.Speaking to The Indian Express, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) chief Mangu Singh said biometric solutions were superior to simple smart cards.”If a (smart) card is there, how will an AFC (automatic fare collection) gate know whether the commuter is a student or a senior citizen. When the minister was informed of this, he asked if there was a technological solution to this. And if the next FFC recommends such concessions, then technology should be able to take care of that,” Singh said.”Yes, there is technology available now. We really do not know what exactly can be done but it is possible. Maybe biometric identification probably can work. We can have some nominated gates at every station where a person with the concessional card will pass through that gate only, and the gate will prove first his identity and only then allow.”Singh, who took over as DMRC Managing Director in 2012, claimed metro systems in many developed countries had such a mechanism in place and stressed that its success depended on the “integrity” of people.