The Java Card Forum (JCF) has announced that Infineon Technologies has joined as its latest member.Infineon has sold more than six billion high security controllers since 2010. It has a long history working with Java Card technology supporting specification enhancements throughout the various releases, right up to the 3.0 version. It has sold more than six billion high security controllers since 2010."Infineon can bring a wealth of experience to the Java Card Forum particularly in the area of security and a network of partners who are interested in the further development of the platform," says Ioannis Kabitoglou, vice president and general manager, Infineon. "There is clear trend towards the use of Java Card technology in smart card and security applications in the area of payment and government. Multi-application is driving this development: Java Card gives a maximum of flexibility for combining and upgrading various features on a single card.""We are delighted that Infineon will be a member of the JCF," says Volker Gerstenberger, president of the JCF. "They have long been champions of the Java Card platform and we welcome their contributions to the continued specification development. It is especially significant that they are joining in 2017, as we celebrate our 20 year anniversary – a real statement that the technology is very much alive and kicking, with new business opportunities and challenges