Biometric borders firm Vision-box has released a new airport passenger experience system called the Seamless Airport 4.0. In a statement, the firm said the new solution takes advantage of diverse technological advancements and joins them to improve the overall passenger experience through a collaborative management capability of the airport through automation, biometrics, personalized self-service, real-time data analysis, and smart connectivity. Vision-Box will host a demonstration of Seamless Airport 4.0 ecosystem at Future Travel Experience Asia 2017, taking place this week in Singapore. "Designed to offer travelers an entirely harmonious passenger experience, Seamless Airport 4.0 introduces a traveler-centric ecosystem into the airport environment. It is sustained by a comprehensive set of technological assets, focused on automated self-service processes using single token biometric identification for a quick, secure, and simple clearance process across the airports," said the firmThe centerpieces of the common-use service platform are a combination of physical and digital smart assets communicating through secured networks that connect passengers and airport stakeholders together, in real time, allowing for enhanced cooperation along the entire journey.This next-generation framework creates the conditions for inter-airports' identity management of transiting travelers, enabling the future of a single interoperable digital identity, at the service of a globally harmonized and consistent friction-less experience.Vision-Box envisioned and developed a new portfolio of innovative IoT passenger interaction points that maximize the benefits of the Seamless Airport 4.0 foundations. Those smart assets are all biometric-enabled, fast-processing, on-the-go self-service, with a minimum-sized modular design for maximum flexibility and ease of operations.