'Passwordless' authentication solutions firm inBay Technologies has announced a strategic collaboration with VoiceTrust, a developer of proprietary multi-factor authentication solutions.The Munich based German company, VoiceTrust, is an established voice and face biometrics firm with an impressive client list of global Fortune 500 enterprises, banks and insurance companies.The sizzling cybersecurity market is witnessing growing importance and use of voice and face biometrics both embedded on devices and cloud-based. Voice biometrics especially is seen as a secure and convenient addition to authentication that provides improved protection against identity theft. It complements other factors in multi-level multi-factor authentication when establishing digital identity. Seen as the holy grail in the cybersecurity world, digital identity that cannot be compromised is what inBay Technologies delivers through its service.”I'm excited to announce our collaboration with VoiceTrust,” said Shane Young, President & CEO of inBay. “This collaboration will see two complementary technologies enhance each company's solution. It will let inBay add voice identification to our idQ® Trust as a Service digital identity platform that delivers the first and only digital identity that cannot be stolen. Moreover, it will enable inBay to get a foothold in the European market.””We are looking forward to having our combined offering and collaboration with inBay assist us in extending our reach to new markets,” said Bettina Stearn, CEO of VoiceTrust. “inBay and VoiceTrust teams have designed a joint solution that adds voice biometrics to idQ Trust as a Service, and VoiceTrust now has a cybersecurity authentication extension of its offering to take to our existing and new clients in Europe, North America and around the world.”