Shufti Pro, an identity verification service provider with cutting-edge AI technology has now upgraded to auto-capture for effortless face verification and document verification experience. Shufti Pro's swift and precise identity verification and biometric authentication solution have been used by various industries around the globe to not only comply with their KYC/AML requirements but to also prevent fraud in their businesses. To further alleviate the customer experience, their AI will use the auto-capture feature to guide the end-user through the verification process. Now the end-user's ID document photo and selfie can be captured automatically. The robust AI of Auto-Capture feature will:Guide the end-user on how to best place their document in the frameGuide the end-user on how to adjust their face in the cameraEnable faster yet authentic biometric authentication and liveness detectionAllows the end-user to get verified anywhere in any condition even when there is poor lighting in the roomReduce verification retakes Chief Technical Officer of Shufti Pro, Shahid Hanif, says, “We are proud to offer an intelligent solution that will provide our customers and their customers with an amplified IDV experience. The auto-capture feature makes the solution more efficient by automatically capturing the selfie and ID document photo and reducing verification time.”Shufti Pro's robust AI models have already been trained on thousands of training models based on real data to provide a highly accurate identity verification solution. In November 2020, the company announced it has enhanced its AI technology with more accurate and real-world data. The identity verification solution of Shufti Pro detects fraud attempts and spoof attack on a daily basis. Auto-capture technology integrated into Shufti Pro's advanced AI has further prepared the solution to not only detect the fraud attempts more sophisticatedly but to also make the identity verification process more seamless.