Imprivata, a digital identity company for healthcare, today introduced its digital identity maturity assessment, a new tool that helps health delivery organizations (HDOs) identify critical protections missing from their digital identity strategy. The assessment tool, combined with an intelligent roadmap toward identity maturity, bolsters every modern HDO’s identity and access management (IAM) strategy by ensuring robust security, compliance, and efficiency across the healthcare environment.

“Imprivata is responding to a critical and urgent ask from CISOs, CIOs, and other IT security and compliance leaders across the healthcare industry: healthcare IT vendors must deliver more secure, scalable, and agile ways to onboard, authorize, and authenticate on-the-go clinicians, remote users, and shifting workforces,” said Gus Malezis, CEO at Imprivata. “Our new assessment tool arms healthcare IT leaders with the critical insights needed to ensure a cohesive approach to designing, building, and managing their digital identity framework.”

Healthcare delivery organizations have evolved into highly complex environments with many users and roles, locations, devices, and applications. More users with different roles need access to a wider variety of applications from any device and any location; access that must be secure but efficient. And, the proliferation of cloud apps, connected devices, and an increasingly decentralized workforce has eroded the once well-defined network perimeter. In this new ecosystem, digital identity is the anchor of an effective security strategy whereby organizations can solve their critical workflow, security, and compliance challenges.

The new assessment tool identifies gaps in the HDO’s digital identity strategy using ten highly focused questions relative to four key areas: governance and administration, identity management, authorization, and authentication and access. After taking the assessment, the user receives a custom report capturing their organization’s maturity level in each of the four categories, with insights to assist in reaching the goal of full digital identity maturity, and therefore heightened security.

“To compete in today’s healthcare marketplace, HDOs must have full confidence that their digital identity strategy is strong enough to position their organization for success,” said Wes Wright, CTO at Imprivata. “Imprivata’s new assessment tool provides an informed starting point for understanding where the healthcare organization is, along with the areas needed to craft a solid strategy that shields their environment from threats and disruption.”

Imprivata predicated its maturity assessment tool on the company’s proprietary digital identity framework – a security-and efficiency-focused blueprint to guide every HDO’s strategy for managing digital identities across complex ecosystems and planning a robust and usable IAM scheme.