Norwegian biometric firm IDEX has reported an overall loss of 49 million crowns (NOK) (US$5.9 million) for the second quarter of 2015, ahead of a biometric payment card launch scheduled for this year.Other notable figures included a rise to 33,000 NOK in operating revenue for the period, an increase over the 6,000 NOK for last year's second quarter.The company stated that it expects a “huge pull for in glass sensors from mobile OEMs”, adding that its offering in this field is currently being actively sampled by select top-tier mobile customers with positive feedback.”Within the mobile market, our partnership with the global tier-one company will accelerate adoption and mass commercialisation of IDEX's in-glass fingerprint sensor modules, which we consider the ultimate solution for the mobile market.”It also notes that in the second half of 2015, that IDEX and an undisclosed global payments company will commence a worldwide biometric payment card programme.In terms of company developments, IDEX also noted a commercial agreement with world leading Fortune 500 company in July, and that it has formed collaborative partnership with Nok Nok Labs.A private placement of NOK 297 million was also completed.”The huge commercial opportunities combined with the robust development of both our products and partners and enhanced funding give us confidence that we now have an ex-cellent base from which we can deliver strong growth in a market that will expand strongly over the next five years”, said IDEX.