Password manager and secure digital vault firm – Keeper Security has found in a new survey that people have terrible password hygiene and prefer the use of biometrics, such as fingerprint and facial recognition, for identity access to their devices.Despite having to log into multiple systems, websites and other digital resources daily, most respondents choose to store their passwords 'in their heads (48%).' The second most common place to store them is 'on paper.' A third of respondents still commit the password no-no of using the same password for multiple logins. In fact, Millennials, ages the 18-24 year old, are the worst offenders, with 36.5% of them reusing the same passwords for different logins.Some 38.9% of respondents said fingerprint and facial recognition tools are more secure than passwords. This gels with other recent surveys and studies on biometrics show that a majority of consumers see these biometric techniques as effective for securing online payments and as a means of eliminating password use and the annoyance created when passwords are forgotten.The survey involved 1,115 adults over the age of 18 regarding password behaviors.Recent market intelligence reports predict that by 2020, 100% of smartphones, wearables and tablets will have biometric capabilities.