One of the most primitive industries, identity is also advancing with new technology to verify and authenticate, enhancing many other sectors.

Threats to our personal, national and global security have soared while consumer satisfaction is ever determining whether businesses succeed or fail in a modern world.

At its core, Identity Week America is a multi-dimensional event that creates and manifests new applications of physical and digital identity across four main sectors that are advancing at a rapid rate.

One of the key sectors that the event targets and allies with in promoting new identity solutions and strategies is the Travel and Aviation industry.

We have amassed an incredible line-up of top representatives from the travel industry, Government counter-terrorism bodies and national independent organisations.

They include: Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection, the Transportation Security Administration and Richard Clarke, Former National Coordinator for U.S. Counter-terrorism, all of whom will make their pledges to the future of identity at the number #1 meeting place of the year – Identity Week America!

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Through sessions, keynote presentations, roundtables and fundamental networking, the event will dissect how advanced facial recognition and digital ID testing is across all industry case studies.

Our inspiring sessions will discover what most excites speakers about biometrics for the aviation and travel industry and how we can successfully transform travel with digital identity, adopting approaches to innovation for security effectiveness and the passenger experience.

Day 1 Keynote, 9:00: Hear from newly confirmed TSA Administrator David Pekoske how innovative identity management solutions can improve security and enhance the passenger experience.


David Pekoske, Administrator, Transportation Security Administration 

In Track 2 on 4th October, Tony Poole, President of the Document Security Alliance will discuss the problem of counterfeiting with security documents.

Tony Poole, President, Document Security Alliance

In addition, Identity Week America will seek answers to the following questions surrounding interoperability and higher demands for security and convenience throughout the passenger journey.

How important is a collaborative and integrated approach when it comes to implementing and updating new technologies like biometrics to secure passenger journeys?

How have the demands of passengers changed since the pandemic and how do you see them changing in the next few years? How are you meeting expectations?

Register today to hear expertly curated sessions for the travel sector and public sector, and discover more sector-driven topics that will be discussed from 4-5 October in Washington D.C.