HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, has announced a joint research laboratory with France-based Hubert Curien Laboratory, named the Lasers, Materials, and Colors for Citizen Identity Documents Laboratory, or LAMCID. The Hubert Curien Laboratory is a joint research unit of the Jean Monnet University, the National Research Centre and the Institut d’Optique Graduate School.

LAMCID will host experts from HID and Hubert Curien to conduct a variety of joint projects aimed to reduce counterfeit citizen identity documents. Research will explore new methods to improve image quality and integrate digital materials, processes, and treatments at industrial scale.

“In an increasingly digital world, securing the link between physical documents like passports and identification cards and their digital counterparts is paramount to reducing fraud amongst an increasing trend of counterfeiting,” says Natascha Trivisas, HID Global Director of Marketing Communications.

Key research initiatives and corresponding projects include:

  • The exploration of new materials, including the combination of chemical compositions and singular nanostructures to be implemented via thin-film shape and integrated into plastic maps
  • Optimization of laser processes to ensure quality reproducibility, such as a spatial resolution that is compatible with best-in-class standards and colors for each type of document material
  • The development of algorithms that can digitally reproduce images on different types of materials using lasers and inkless inscription
  • The creation of characterization and treatment tools that are appropriate for recognizing digital properties on developed materials

LAMCID’s mission with these ambitious projects is to generate technology that ensures the authenticity of documents needed to maintain and improve the security of citizens and governments . This cooperation encourages innovation within the security industry and generates opportunities to hire new talent who are graduates from the partner university.

For more information about HID Global’s Citizen Identity Solutions, visit the website.