Finland's Helsinki airport has successfully trialled using face-recognition technology instead of travel documents.The trial was run in cooperation with Finnair and digital solutions company Futurice, reports Business Insider (Nordic).The test-run was conducted over a period of three weeks in May, to follow-up on a preliminary trial last year.Phase two was conducted in the Finnair normal priority passenger check-in and 1,000 frequent flyers were invited to take part.The participants used a trial app to send their face profiles to the test software platform. The travellers were then forwarded to a designated check-in desk that contained the facial recognition tech.”Face recognition technology could offer possibilities for smoothening the departure process from the customer's point of view, and eliminate the need for a boarding pass,” says Sari Nevanlinna, Head of Ground Experience and Ancillary at Finnair.”We want to make air travel flow even smoother and be involved in further developing the customer experience,” says Heikki Koski, Vice President of Helsinki Airport for Finavia.The system used in the test is provided by Futurice, and built using widely available hard- and software as well as cloud-based services, and with a strong view to the customer experience.