Synaptics has signed an agreement with AMD to provide fingerprint authentication for enterprise/commercial and consumer notebook PCs based on AMD's Ryzen mobile platform and a new security focused Microsoft operating system.Interestingly enough, not a lot has been said regarding a next-generation operating system from Microsoft nor details about it being focused on security. The collaboration between AMD and Synaptics will leverage Synaptics' FS7600 Match-in-Sensor fingerprint sensor technology with the Ryzen Mobile processors.Match-in-Sensor technology is a hardware encapsulated fingerprint sensor and matching solution. Authentication is off-the-grid, isolating fingerprint image enrollment, pattern storage and biometic matching within the fingerprint sensor to protect against on-device threats. The technology is a system-on-chip (SoC) architecture where a single device performs both input/output functions with an in-sensor microprocessor executing firmware. Because the security functions are inside the SoC, a new level of security is added due to total isolation from the host operating system, Synaptics said.AMD said that hardened biometric security is a critical requirement for its next-generation Ryzen Mobile platforms and the FS7600 protects consumer and enterprise laptops against black hat hackers.