The Research and Development team at Auraya continues to innovate and improve the performance of its voice biometric technology, adding new features and functionalities and better overall performance to ArmorVox, its voice biometric engine and Amazon Connects' voice biometric extension, EVA. This latest software release continues a long track record of providing organisations with world leading technology that continues to evolve and deliver even more superior voice biometric capabilities through improvements in the security performance as well as simplifying solution implementation and improving user experience.In this release, Auraya introduces API version 9 which features “Mind Your Own Voiceprint”. This new API provides organizations with the option to empower users to retain ownership of their own voiceprint. This feature addresses the concerns of those who want the benefits of using their voice to verify their identity but do not want any organisation to retain their specific voiceprint.Auraya has also improved its patented speaker-specific background model (SSBM) algorithms to provide even better security performance. ArmorVox 17.8.0 achieves this with an automated enhancement using advanced machine learning algorithms.Other improvements in this latest 17.8.0 release include improvements in enrolment speed, the addition of utterance logging for all API calls, the addition of application session tracking and faster server initialization.All the new and improved ArmorVox features are already available for use with EVA, the voice biometric extension for Amazon Connect. EVA utilizes ArmorVox as its core biometric engine meaning organizations, using Amazon Connect as their cloud contact centre service, can take advantage of these improved features and functionalities now.The Research and Development team at Auraya have continued to innovate and improve the performance of ArmorVox for a decade and this latest version release continues a track record of enabling organisations to update their version of ArmorVox seamlessly as ArmorVox releases are backwards compatible with previous versions.