Israel is planning to spend NIS 15 million ($4.2m) on security at all weapons storehouses around the country, with biometric security one measure set to be deployed. Under new plans, access to weapons storehouses will be secured by biometrics, Channel Two reported.Other advanced technologies, including big data and computer analysis, will be used to discover weak points where thefts are more likely to occur.The decision was made following the theft of 33 weapons from the Sdeh Teiman base in southern Israel last month, and the suspicion that a contractor's workers at the base were involved in the theft. The weapons were stolen from a locked armory and there were no signs of burglary.In the wake of the weapons theft from the Sde Teiman base, the IDF mapped the armories in all the bases in order to increase the level of security in all of them. NIS 15 million (approximately $4 million) was transferred for the purpose of fortifying weapons rooms and purchasing equipment such as fences, cameras, and biometric identification devices.