Japanese tech security firm DDS has has selected BIO-key's SideSwipe finger scanners to provide secure biometric authentication for its custom, Windows based authentication solutions. DDS, which develops and delivers information security products to support the diverse online requirements of enterprise customers throughout Asia.The company has purchased an initial 30,000 devices for deployment in customer implementations.DDS is a system integrator for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Group, Japan's largest telecom, governmental organization and corporate customer.”After researching options for an affordable, Windows-compatible fingerprint reader, BIO-key's compact readers, which are tested and qualified by Microsoft, stood out as the most compelling solution,” stated Kenji Miyoshino, President & CEO, DDS. “We chose SideSwipe because of its performance capabilities, native integration with Windows and its ability to support DDS solution packages.SideSwipe works well with DDS's “EVE MA” solution, which offers flexible multifactor authentication options including ID Card and fingerprint, as well as our “EVE FA” solution for large scale ID programs with authentication taking place on the server.””We are excited to announce DDS as a major OEM customer in Japan,” stated Wong Kwok Fong, Managing Director, BIO-key Hong Kong Limited. “SideSwipe was designed to deliver fast and accurate fingerprint authentication with the ability to support any Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 device. We look forward to working closely with DDS to support their customer deployments and look to expand our relationship to other BIO-key fingerprint solutions, such as our new SidePass reader, in the future,” added Wong.