The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has announced plans to launch a biometric ID card for all students in the country next month.The card, which will be available to all students in both public and private tertiary institutions across the country, will store biometric data.It will also be linked to a unique identification number using a complex algorithm similar to the one recommended to be used on travel documents by the United Nations and the International Civil Aviation (ICAO).Benefits of the initiative are to include term life insurance which will include sponsorship of the student's education in the event of death or permanent disability of the student's sponsor, ability to download any number of e-books related to the student's discipline, discount in land and air transportation and discounts in the purchase of mobile phones and laptops.”The ID card substrate is designed, using secured technology reserved for currency printing making it almost impossible to forge,” said NANS President, Mr. Tijani Usman Shehu. “The system will also create a database for all Nigerian students, subscribing to this initiative for a token and is designed to be able to generate a user definable statistical data that may be used by the Federal Ministry of Education, States Ministries of Education, other approved Government institutions and NGO's to aid in education planning”.”This secured benefit-based identity card will be called the Nigerian students Uniform Identification Card: NSUID and the website will go live on June 16.”