Israeli identity access solutions firm FST Biometrics has announced its In Motion Identification (IMID) Access technology has been successfully deployed at the HydroLife Center, a health club and wellness center located in Shaar HaNegev, Israel.”With so many people entering the facility daily, including many non-members who support members with disabilities, or parents dropping off and picking up children, we knew we needed a strong, yet convenient solution for managing member identification said Vered Libstein, CEO of the HydroLife Center.”FST's IMID Access system works reliably and smoothly, and is a great fit for our facility.” FST's IMID Access was installed at the entrance to the facility and incorporated into previously existing turnstiles.The system was also integrated with the Center's cloud-based membership management system. Registered users are identified and granted access, with the firm saying that each entry takes less than two seconds.New member registration takes less than one minute per user, allowing the center to easily accommodate its dynamic user base. “The Hydrolife Center is exactly the type of facility meant to utilize IMID Access,” said Arie Melamed, CMO of FST Biometrics.”We are confident that more sports and health facilities will adopt this easy-to-use, touch-free system to not only better manage identification and access for members and staff, but also to free up staff's time to better serve members and visitors to the center.”