Identity solutions firm AuthenticID has announced the introduction of an expansion of its CatfishAIR Identity Platform to provide real-time identity authorization for payment card transactions.The firm said that a layer of fraud mitigation for online payments is being introduced with the fusion of identity authentication, biometrics, blockchain services and cryptography. “We're excited to launch this game-changing new capability at the CNP conference in Orlando, Florida this week,” said Blair Cohen, AuthenticID's Chief Evangelist.”AuthenticID has already set the standard for low friction customer enrollment. We're delighted to extend that level of customer experience and fraud protection into real-time authentication of customers every time they attempt a credit card transaction online, or confirm their identity during website or app login, or even when they contact a call center.”AuthenticID says it has fused together the “binding” of biometrics to its secure identity authentication process, allowing for true password-less login and identity validation for every transaction.To generate an irrefutable audit trail, each payment transaction can generate a cryptographic certificate logging whether the payment transaction has been approved or denied – which provides the basis for approving and denying remote payment transactions with irrefutable confidence.Identity authentication for customer not present use cases happens in a lightning fast 1-3-seconds, and can support customers in over 192 countries, providing a paradigm changing approach to fraud and secure customer identity management. AuthenticID provides the most accurate identity authentication available with easy integration into Web, mobile or business applications.”Our platform started as an automated customer onboarding and authentication service and these new capabilities are a logical extension of that allowing us to extend our frictionless customer experience and fraud protection into every digital touchpoint when establishing a new relationship,” continued Cohen. “This is Identity Authentication at its finest and we see it as a disruptive service that can dramatically enable our customers to securely grow their top and bottom line profitability,” he concluded.