Three subway stations in Guangzhou have set up special security gates powered by facial recognition, according to local media.The system is designed to help passengers get through security checks faster, the developers said.A test video shows two people passing through the gates in 9 seconds.While this system has yet to be implemented, developers hope that it can eventually be linked to Guangzhou Subway's payment system so that subway fees can be automatically deducted after a passenger walks through security.”(This system) will combine the internet, QR codes, biological identification, and big data analysis to sort passengers into different categories,” a spokesperson for Jiadu Technology, the company that developed the system, told Guangzhou Daily.”They only confiscate children's balloons”However, in spite of the positive spin from the developers and the media, Weibo users and online commenters have expressed general skepticism toward this new feature.”Waste of money and waste of effort,” one Weibo user said.Another user added: “Security checks are not the same as ensuring subway security. The Guangzhou subway has been there for 21 years. Only in the last three years have they started doing security checks. Police officers should be the ones responsible for public safety, not the temporary security check staff. It's time for us to request the system go back to mandatory security checks.”A related Weibo comment read: “Those security personnel are even shorter than me. I don't think anyone can rely on their protection.” Another comment suggested that security staff don't even examine the items thoroughly, and that all they do is confiscate balloons from kids.Another comment mocked the security staff for not contributing anything to society. “Perhaps the security check is a way to provide employment.”