South Korean biometrics firm Suprema will unveil BioEntry P2, a mullion-type fingerprint access control device, at an upcoming trade show.In a statement, the firm said the BioEntry P2 achieves incredible matching speed up to 10,000 matches per second.The firm said that BioEntry P2 can accommodate up to 10,000 and that its algorithm is more accurate than its predecessor.”The new BioEntry P2 is at the spearhead of our 2nd generation access control line-up and it clearly reflects Suprema's commitment to enterprise-level markets. From the designing stage of BioEntry P2, we aimed to bring the most versatile biometric access control solution regardless of RFID standards and size of the projects it covers,” said Hanchul Kim, Director of Global Business at Suprema.”Our target markets for BioEntry P2 are UK and EU countries where there is significant demand for biometric solution with an ease of installation and future-proof technologies to cope with fast evolving authentication methods. Its innovative multi-RFID reading covers most RFID standards in today's market and will benefits users with effective integration with legacy systems as well as will provide users with capability of adopting new authentication methods into their existing system including RFID, mobile and biometrics,” Kim added.