Correctional technology firm Global Tel*Link (GTL) has launched a new solution that uses voice biometrics to track and verify the identity of inmates and prevent fraud.Called Voice IQ, the product builds a voiceprint profile for each inmate and enrolls that print in its repository for comparison in future calls.Unlike other technologies which analyse calls after these are completed, GTL says its Voice IQ continuously compares portions of the call to the recorded voiceprint to verify the inmate's identity during the call.”Since the voiceprint repository builds as more inmates are enrolled, Voice IQ provides investigators with a powerful research tool that grows with their needs and as inmate voice prints are added,” the firm said in a statement. “This potentially extends to the over 1.1 million inmates utilizing GTL's inmate telephone services”.The Voice IQ function should quickly and easily verifying an inmate's profile and identify call records where Voice IQ has detected possible inmate speaker changes during the call. A specific icon is displayed with a time stamp indicating when any speaker change activity was detected.Last week, South African credit-reporting firm TransUnion announced plans to develop a national “Voice Bank” of biometric voiceprints in partnership with biometrics firm OneVault.