IDEX Biometrics announces that David Orme has taken up the position as Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing in its UK headquarters.”I will be working with IDEX to maximise the company's Mastercard partnership and focus on IDEX's wider sales pipeline with multi-channel campaigns to drive product awareness and support international demand. For example, biometric adoption is high in markets such as China and South Africa, however outside these markets, countries such as the United States and the UK are in early stages, so sales and marketing strategies must be created to help drive awareness. It will also be key for me to facilitate local support for partners, as IDEX Biometrics looks to make further appointments in key territories to drive local strategies.” says David Orme.With a solid background in the payment and security space, David brings a wealth of experience to IDEX Biometrics, and a strong track record in supporting key sales, business development, partner and marketing activities. As the CEO of BELL ID for nine years, Orme drove the business through a strong period of growth until its 2016 acquisition by Rambus Inc., the leading semiconductor and IP company. Orme guided BELL ID, through this transitionary period until it was fully merged with Rambus to become part of its security division.David's new role will see him spearheading the sales and marketing teams at IDEX Biometrics and similarly supporting the business through an aggressive growth period, implementing strategies to meet the company's ambitious targets.”I'm delighted to join IDEX Biometrics at such an important time for the biometrics sector as a whole, but also specifically during the exciting development stages of biometric card payments”, comments David Orme. “IDEX is one of the fastest growing biometrics companies in the market with great opportunities for expansion and innovation, but also is a key leader in the biometric card payment revolution. With such a great position in the market, heightened by their partnership with Mastercard, it's the ideal time to join the team and lead its sales and marketing teams from strength to strength.”