Florida Hospital Zephyrhills (FHZ) has introduced new technology to reduce paperwork, improve accuracy and prevent identity theft.PatientSecure, a device that images veins in the hand, is now being used to register and identify all patients. The device uses infrared light to scan the palm, then links the unique biometric trait to each patient's electronic health record.'PatientSecure provides a safe, secure, confidential, and easy way for our patients to register for care. It not only protects privacy and improves convenience, but it also enhances record accuracy by preventing duplications,' said Gwen Alonso, RN, FHZ's chief nursing officer. 'This technology streamlines the registration process by automatically pulling up a patient's record, provides added protection from medical identity theft, and ensures each patient is correctly linked to their unique medical record.'Alonso gave an example by stating that if an individual arrived at FHZ unconscious or unable to communicate, PatientSecure can be a lifesaving tool that quickly identifies the individual, opens their electronic health record, and alerts medical professionals to crucial information including medical history, allergies and current medications.