BIO-key International, a provider of workforce and customer identity and access management (IAM) solutions featuring Identity-Bound Biometrics, (IBB), today announced that Florida’s Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office has selected BIO-key’s PortalGuard Identity and Access Management platform to provide secure, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and access to voter data and files in Florida’s fifth-largest county. The decision builds on the Office’s earlier deployment of BIO-key’s fingerprint biometric solutions

Based on the County’s evolving security requirements, its Supervisor of Elections Office chose PortalGuard because of its unique support for sixteen strong, multi-factor authentication methods, including advanced biometric authentication, and to leverage its earlier investment in BIO-key’s FIPS-compliant fingerprint scanners for government security applications. The Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office is comprised of a broad spectrum of full and part-time employees and volunteers, often in shared workstation environments, making secure MFA access to workstations an essential requirement. The large influx of new staff members during election cycles calls for an authentication solution that is secure, efficient, and easily adaptable in managing access to mission-critical election data and providing a clear user access audit trail.

BIO-key’s PortalGuard IAM and IBB security platform is ideal for election applications because it is affordable, easy to deploy and manage, and supports cutting edge biometric authentication to deliver the highest level of data security to protect the integrity of elections. BIO-key meets or exceeds the strictest authentication requirements while also meeting disciplined IT resource investment goals. For election security, IBB is a better alternative to user-controlled, device-based biometric methods, ensuring that only an authentic user can access their online identity, preventing information from being accessed by unauthorized users or hackers.

“Our expanding engagement with leading County Supervisor of Elections Offices confirms that we understand their unique security use cases and that our tailored IAM solutions meet their needs. We have forged an election security program that is seamless, easy to launch, and able to support a wide array of authentications options. PortalGuard IAM with Identity-Bound Biometrics has proven to be highly desirable for organizations that require an enterprise-grade access security solution,” said Mike DePasquale, Chairman and CEO of BIO-key International. “BIO-key enables election officials to meet the challenges of an evolving threat landscape in an easy to deploy and cost-effective manner.”