Five9, a leading provider of the intelligent cloud contact center, today announced Five9 VoiceStream to help customers, partners and system integrators leverage the power of real-time voice and add a broad range of value-added applications on top of the Five9 platform. Five9 VoiceStream is a developer-friendly, modern cloud-to-cloud real-time media streaming API that enables frictionless integrations with partners and is highly secure to ensure customers precious voice data is protected.”We are witnessing a wave of innovation in the contact center,” said Jonathan Rosenberg, CTO and Head of AI, Five9. “We've seen an increased adoption of voice biometrics, agent assistants, sentiment analysis and real-time speech analytics – all showing the need for real-time audio content of calls. VoiceStream represents a major next step in the evolution of APIs for real-time communications. We've had web-friendly APIs for controlling a call, but not for streaming one. Until now.”With Five9 VoiceStream, customers and partners can utilize a RESTful API to stream the agent and or caller audio alongside advanced CTI call events, all in real time. Use cases cover customer authentication via biometrics; agent assistance; agent coaching and training; and real time speech analytics including sentiment analysis.”In the past year, I have spoken with dozens of incredible developers who are focused on AI and other key innovation areas, and their number one ask by far was to bring their product integrations directly into the Five9 platform,” said Anand Chandrasekaran, Executive Vice President of Product Management, Five9. “We are excited and proud to bring this differentiated offering, previously available only within an on-premise contact center system, to our cloud partners and customer communities.””Customer-centric organizations have struggled to establish cost-effective and impactful methods to empower frontline employees. Traditional coaching techniques often rely on delayed feedback based on the analysis of a limited number of interactions, restricting value and objectivity,” states Marty Pitkow, VP of Growth, Channels, and Partners at Cogito. “Using the Five9 real-time VoiceStream API, Cogito systematically coaches agents in-the-moment on every call, improving agent-customer interactions; raising the bar for service excellence.””As leading experts in voice biometrics, we are always looking for breakthrough ways to bring new value to our customers,” states Pat Carroll, CEO, ValidSoft. “We are delighted and privileged to be one of the first partners to build apps with the Five9 VoiceStream API, whereby we can now deliver voice identity assurance to companies who wish to eliminate customer friction without any compromise on security. The customer only needs to speak, there is no need for any other additional authentication methods, all achieved with unparalleled real-time accuracy and precision.”