Keesing Technologies has reported that it's been selected by several international financial institutions (FIs) over the past months.Since the launch of its new customer onboarding technology earlier this year, Keesing realizes growth in the number of FIs choosing to streamline their customer onboarding processes with the help of Keesing AuthentiScan. To complete the biometric identification process with AuthentiScan, Keesing is integrating liveness detection to further enhance the process.AuthentiScan, Keesing Technology's ID verification service, now includes identity proofing technology through biometric facial recognition. Keesing developed the new technology to accommodate requests from its customers and the market for a solution that supports remote identification for customer onboarding.The technology was especially designed for FIs. “This is an exciting innovation within our product suite. Identifying and verifying new customers with biometrics makes onboarding processes safe and efficient”, said Daniel Suess, Commercial Director at Keesing Technologies.As customers' reliance on mobile devices increases, transactions and onboarding processes take place online more often. At the same time, FIs must take responsibility to protect customers and their businesses. Current legislation requires FIs to exercise care and due diligence in their identification procedures. On top of that, the customer is key in the process and demands a seamless, smooth experience. Online onboarding systems should include an easy and secure identity verification process that complies with legislation and is customer-friendly. Keesing's new technology fits perfectly to this need.The company's secure digital process allows customers to onboard on-the-go without having to visit a branch in person, with documents proving their identity. With AuthentiScan, mandatory AML compliance requirements are met using the digital verification process.”Keesing serves a growing portfolio of financial services institutions around the world,” adds Daniel Suess. “We look forward to supporting them in their important mission to prevent ID fraud. At Keesing we believe that security and compliance can go hand-in-hand with innovation and growth. We are currently working on the roll out of AuthentiScan for customer onboarding and self-identification at several FIs in Europe and I am really looking forward to see how this changes the way people onboard for a service or open a bank account”.