Fingerprint Cards has announced that it has now shipped 1 billion fingerprint sensors worldwide. The Swedish-based company has played a central role in bringing smartphone fingerprint sensors to the mass-market. Having led major advancements to the technology, Fingerprints was responsible for driving the first integration of fingerprint touch sensors into an Android handset in 2014, with its sensors now integrated into more than 330 smartphone models globally. Fingerprint biometrics has already replaced the PINs and passwords on smartphones and as devices diversify, Fingerprints' expertise is also bringing trust to a range of new, next-generation form factors, cutting across a variety of applications, including access control, smartcards and IoT.”This represents a major milestone for the company and the industry, demonstrating rapid consumer adoption of biometrics in recent years,” comments Phil Sealy, Principal Analyst at ABI Research. “We see sustained growth for the biometrics market in the coming years, driven by existing use cases like smartphones, and the rise of new applications like payment cards and connected cars. Fingerprints will continue to play a significant role in enabling innovation in these areas, taking its significant biometric expertise and reapplying to new emerging use cases.”Earlier this year, Fingerprints secured the world's first volume order of fingerprint sensors for dual-interface payment cards. To complement these existing capacitive sensors, Fingerprints recently announced optical 'in-display' fingerprint sensors for mobile, enabling consumers to authenticate on the smartphone screen and offering OEMs greater design freedom. Its full portfolio also includes 'touchless' biometrics solution, with iris and face recognition combined for a convenient and secure user experience.”This is a proud moment for us and the biometrics industry; proof of how far we've come in simplifying the lives of consumers every day, all over the world. But this is just the beginning,” comments Christian Fredrikson, CEO at Fingerprints. “With huge investment into hardware, software and algorithms, we are continuing to drive new innovative solutions to market while increasing performance and enhancing the user experience. As applications continue to arise and new technologies emerge, we're committed to realizing our vision of truly seamless 'all-in' security, where you are the key to everything.”