Fingerprint Cards nd M-Tech Innovations, a leading smartcard manufacturer of India, are collaborating to launch contactless biometric payment cards in the Indian market. The card features Fingerprints' T-Shape module which is part of the FPC1300-series, it has ultra-low power consumption and is tailored to be integrated in payment cards using standard automated manufacturing processes.”We are pleased to collaborate with M-Tech, being a local card manufacturer and a leading payment innovator in India. This is an important collaboration to bring consumers in India a more secure, safe and easy payment experience”, says Michel Roig, SVP Business Line Payments & Access at Fingerprints. Contactless and digital payments are growing fast in India, as consumers are choosing touch-free, safe and seamless ways to pay. Adding biometrics to the contactless payment card will increase the security needed to remove the cap, currently at Rs 2,000, completely and allow for hygienic and worriless contactless payments for all transactions.”We selected the biometric solution from Fingerprints since they have the leading technology in the market, with proven biometric performance and the lowest power consumption, which is of the highest importance for contactless biometric cards. Introducing biometric payment cards will offer great benefits for both banks, merchants and consumers as contactless payments in India is growing fast”, says V. M. Gandhi, CEO at M-Tech.