OVD Kinegram AG, a leading supplier of security products aimed at protecting identities, has recently released new software solutions for the optical machine authentication of KINEGRAM security features.These solutions are deployed on standard, commercially-available document readers. With this important step, automatic document inspection processes as well as the machine-assisted manual inspection processes can be made more reliable, especially when electronic verification of the biometric data is not possible.In October 2019, the company transferred a non-exclusive license to Acuant ( http://www.acuant.com ), a leading provider of software authentication solutions for document readers.A second non-exclusive license agreement was concluded with Regula in June 2020. Regula ( http://www.regulaforensics.com ) is an established supplier of both document reader hardware and software solutions. Until recently, the optical machine authentication has been restricted to relatively simple security features such as the MRZ, fibres, threads and UV printed patterns.Given that a specific document model can be in the field for up to 20 years, these relatively simple security features are extremely vulnerable to counterfeits. Today, it is essential to extend the technological capabilities to the more sophisticated security solutions which offer more counterfeit resistance such as the KINEGRAM.Thanks to new software solutions from OVD Kinegram AG, the automated authentication of KINEGRAM optical security devices has become a reality. For example metallic structures, printed inks and/or diffractive structures that are prepared in perfect registration with one another, can now be inspected using all three of the available light sources in the standard reader system, namely white light, infra-red and ultra-violet.The resulting images are then compared and quantitatively matched. However, the successful implementation of check routines or software algorithms is not to be underestimated. It requires a thorough understanding of the design and its security aspects; the physical and chemical properties of the materials; the manufacturing limitations and design tolerances; as well as the ageing characteristics of the materials involved.Appropriate check routines are carefully selected thoroughly tested and qualified on as many commercially available document readers as possible Given these complexities, the software algorithms are best prepared by OVD Kinegram as they have the best understanding of these aspects