Social network Facebook has revealed this morning that it plans to deploy FIDO authentication with second-factor FIDO hardware security keys.In Facebook's security blog, the company said tarting today, users can register a physical security key to your account so that the next time you log in after enabling login approvals,The keys support the open Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) standard hosted by the FIDO Alliance, and can be purchased through companies like Yubico.The FIDO Alliance has welcome the move.Brett McDowell, executive director of the FIDO Alliance, said:”By adding FIDO authentication to its security portfolio, Facebook gives their users the option to enable unphishable strong authentication that is no longer vulnerable to social engineering and replay attacks using stolen 'shared secrets' like passwords and one-time-passcodes.””Facebook is now using FIDO authentication to give consumers the ability to take control of their online security and protect themselves from being victims of the most pervasive attacks on the internet today.””Consumers who use FIDO Certified security keys with Facebook will also be able to use those same devices with a growing list of other online services that support the FIDO authentication standards, such as Google, DropBox, Salesforce and others.” “Today we cross a major milestone in the growth of the FIDO ecosystem as Facebook endorses FIDO authentication standards by making this capability available to its billions of users.” “Consumers can purchase a security key from one of many FIDO Certified vendors in order to more securely access Facebook alongside Google and many other leading online services.”