Kansas-based eye-based mobile biometric authentication firm EyeVerify has announced that its Eyeprint ID solution has been named FIDO Certified by the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, and that it is now in use by 2 million customers.Eyeprint ID is fully compliant with the FIDO 1.0 Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) standard and is interoperable with other products and services that support FIDO specifications.Meanwhile, the firm also revealed that two million users have enrolled in Eyeprint ID to unlock their phones, log in to their mobile banking apps or authenticate a payment in 2015.”We are excited about the opportunities that FIDO Alliance Certification brings to our clients — enabling them to easily integrate standardized authentication for their consumers, which in turn saves those consumers from the painful and risky task of password management,” said Chris Barnett, EVP Global Sales and Marketing.Eyeprint ID transforms a selfie into a digital key, using existing smart device cameras to image and pattern match the visible blood vessels and other micro features in and around the eye.EyeVerify said that its patented solution has been developed with FIDO specifications in mind, noting that the company joined the FIDO Alliance in early 2015 and that achieving certification was the next natural step in the company's endeavours to support a secure, password-free future.Speaking on growth in users, the company said: “Growth is a function of new partnerships and new users. ߪ The rapidly growing adoption of Eyeprint ID demonstrates user interest in biometric authentication in general, as well as Eyeprint as an alternative to fingerprint.”