Iris authentication firm EyeLock announced on Monday that the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent covering the utilization of a biometric reader to ensure the provenance of passengers at a transportation facility, such as a commercial airport.The claims of US Patent #9,142,070, which was issued on September 22, 2015, include methods of ensuring the identity of passengers at a transportation facility by acquiring a biometric template of the passenger at check-in and then matching the template at the departure area.The passenger's name and other personal information also is entered into a background check system to flag in real time those passengers who pose a security risk or prevent the entry of passengers who are unable to pass immigration or other checks on arrival. If the biometric template does not match, or if there is an issue with the background check, the passenger is refused boarding.”This patent is the latest addition to our intellectual property portfolio that now includes more than 35 issued patents and many others pending,” said Jeff Carter, Chief Technology Officer of EyeLock. “Beyond offering technology for protecting physical environments, EyeLock's formidable intellectual property portfolio covers convenient and secure iris biometric solutions for digital environments, creating opportunities to deploy biometrics across a broad range of IoT (Internet of Things) consumer applications.”