Police in the City of Denver are set to be given new mobile fingerprinting capabilities after authorities approved $260,000 in the 2016 budget to purchase the technology.The acquisitions follow a pilot program last fall, with officers saying the fingerprinting units provided instant answers and cut down on cases of mistaken identity.”We frequently have times when someone that we contact doesn't have an identification card and gives us a name that is not their name,” Denver Police Lieutenant John Pettinger, who oversaw the pilot program, told CBS Denver.According to this results document, for the purposes of this pilot, two vendor solutions were installed, Dynamic Imaging's Picture Link and MorphTrak's MorphIdent solution.However, it adds: “Currently, there is only one vendor, MorphoTrak that provides a solution to hit the CBI CICC statewide fingerprint database. This would limit our options during procurement.”In a conclusion section on the pilot, the DPD writes: “The benefits from this solution stretch well beyond the obvious benefits at DPD. The Denver Sheriff's Department would save thousands of hours in labor from correcting inmate identities after intake. Denver County Courts, the City Attorney's office, and District Attorney's office would save labor hours in correcting “John Doe” cases. Detectives would improve their investigations by being able to identify unknown deceased victims earlier.”