Users of Werum PAS-X MES can now benefit from an extended range of biometric authentication methods such as iris scan, fingerprint and facial recognition. To this end, the software experts of Körber's Business Area Pharma have entered into a global collaboration with Integral Biometrics.Integral's proven track record of designing and deploying biometric authentication solutions perfectly complements Werum K.ME-IN, the smart biometric authentication solution for pharma and biotech, allowing Werum PAS-X MES users to log in fast and securely. The US-based provider integrates the authentication products EyeLock for iris matching, DigitalPersona for fingerprint, and Windows Hello-compatible sensors for fingerprint and facial recognition, delivering increased productivity, security, ease and speed of use.”Our collaboration with Integral Biometrics represents a milestone in offering the regulated life sciences industry the most secure and seamless way of authenticating to Werum PAS-X MES and other systems, devices and machines,” says Obay Alchorbaji, Product Manager Software, Körber Business Area Pharma. “Meeting all compliance and data integrity requirements, we can thus help our customers cut authentication times by up to 75 percent!””It is an eye-opener to realize that our biometric technologies offer an inherently human way to work with computers,” adds Marc Diament, Chief Executive Officer, Integral Biometrics. “Our solutions quickly and safely recognize users and take action on their behalf to make it easier and faster for them to get work done. In addition to significant user benefits, our customers gain large productivity increases. We are thrilled to work together with Körber.”Integral offers ID At-a-GlanceTM and ID At-a-TouchTM biometric authentication with rapid and easy multi-factor biometric authentication with your finger and/or eye. This provides a level of efficiency, compliance, and security which cannot be achieved with typed logins and passwords. Cost-effective shared iris sensors at each workstation offer two-second authentication with industry-leading liveness detection, privacy protection and unique matching, as no two pairs of irises are alike. Fingerprint sensors provide sub-second logins for non-gloved workers or can be used in conjunction with iris matching to offer un-paralleled identity assurance and operator accountability.