Chinese smartphone maker Vivo might the first to have a fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen, beating Samsung and Apple to the technology.That idea came via a leak last week and has seemingly been confirmed by the company's own official teaser.With a slogan “Unlock the Future”, the market material shows what looks like a fingerprint passing trough what is possibly the screen of a smartphone or the phone itself. This gives off the idea that Vivo's next smartphone might have that much talked about feature.The real question is whether a smaller company with relatively less resources than two of the biggest smartphone makers was the capability to overcome the hurdles that have stumped both Samsung and Apple. Reason would probably tell us no, leading us to suspect some form of gimmick or marketing ploy.Both Samsung and Apple have reportedly went back to the drawing board a few times. Samsung even had to make a last minute call to exclude the feature from the Galaxy S8. Those technical hurdles included everything from accuracy to security to, more recently, a ghosting effect on the screen.