Estonia's Information System Authority has advisde that in the new version of the ID software DigiDoc4, documents can now be signed with Smart-ID in addition to the ID-card and Mobile-ID.'Last year, we reached an agreement with SK ID Solutions, the provider of the Smart-ID service, and started developing ID software support for Smart-ID. Different signing tools allow more people to use the ID software and find a solution that suits them the best,' said Mark Erlich, the Head of the Electronic Identity Department at RIA.'Being able to sign documents with Smart-ID in the DigiDoc application is excellent news that Smart-ID users have been looking forward to for a long time. We work together well with RIA and this is a great birthday present for Smart-ID, which just turned three years old. We are also pleased that RIA has introduced an additional security measure: having to choose the right verification code out of three in the app when signing with Smart-ID. This will encourage other e-services to employ the measure as well,' said Liisa Lukin, the Business Development Manager of Value Added Services at SK ID Solutions.Only the users who created their Smart-ID accounts after 8 November 2018 can give a digital signature equal to a handwritten one in the DigiDoc4 software. The reason is that Smart-ID was included in the QSCD (Qualified Signature Creation Device) list on that date. In order to sign with an account that was created earlier, you have to delete your Smart-ID account and create a new one. More information on how to do that can be found from the Smart-ID website. Smart-ID can be used as an authentication tool in state e-services since September 2019.If you have any questions about creating and using your Smart-ID account, please contact the Smart-ID customer service. Regular users can use DigiDoc4 to give free signatures with Smart-ID in a reasonable amount; business clients must sign a contract with the service provider, SK ID Solutions, to use Smart-ID in DigiDoc4. Business clients can find out more here. By default, only people with Estonian personal identification codes can sign with Smart-ID. Users with Latvian and Lithuanian personal identification codes can give signatures after concluding a contract.The newly released ID software version (20.01) is also the last to support older operating systems like Windows 7 and macOS 10.11. Future versions will no longer be developed or tested for these older operating systems. If a user does not have access to DigiDoc4 on a computer, the alternative is using RIA's DigiDoc mobile application, which is available for iOS and Android. Mobile applications currently do not support Smart-ID. It is important for service providers to know that DigiDoc4 now uses Mobile-ID REST API, as SK ID Solutions will no longer provide the DigiDocService web service as of October this year.