iDenfy will assist parcel delivery company EshopWedrop with an Artificial intelligence-enabled identity verification solution to minimize all the possible identity thefts and protect their platform from unauthorized access.EshopWedrop is a low-cost international parcel delivery company that enables shoppers to buy products from online retailers in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Individuals can shop from big online retailers, including Walmart, Sports Direct, eBay, and have their parcel delivered at their doorstep for nominal delivery charges. EshopWedrop removes all of the online restriction buyers face when shopping from cross border online shopping platforms. With EshopWedrop, shoppers can buy products from both American and Western European markets.Since buyers from different geographical regions use EshopWedrop's platform, it was challenging for them to verify each user. In partnership with iDenfy, they will secure their platform from fraudsters looking to use it for illegal activities. According to EshopWedrop, the onboarding journey is relatively straightforward after partnering with iDenfy. Mircea Bandean, EshopWedrop Managing Director, says, “iDenfy makes the online identity verification process instant; therefore, customers get immediate access to our full range of services. Furthermore, identity verification helps us rest easy, safe in the knowledge that all our customers are fully identified and legit.”iDenfy is counted among the top identity verification solution providers in Lithuania, offering globally recognized identity verification service to minimize frauds and make user identity recognition smooth and instant. The company provides its services to several popular brands worldwide. What makes the company different from others is, it combines liveness detection, facial recognition, and ID verification in one solution.iDenfy's identity verification solution can detect ID documents by type and country and verify if it is not tampered or forged. At present, they support more than 1300 ID documents from more than 200 countries.Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy, says, “We are excited to announce a partnership with EshopWedrop. We will provide them with a slick way to verify their customers' identities and avoid the creation of fake accounts. Our advanced solutions will make sure their customers have a smooth onboarding experience.”