France-based ARIADNEXT, a digital identity provider, for over 10 years, has just been awarded a certification by the FIDO Alliance program for its facial biometric authentication solution.The certification was issued by two laboratories accredited by the FIDO Alliance, for the certification of biometric subsystems. The French ELITT, a laboratory specializing in trusted transactions, and LETI ITSEF, a laboratory specializing in IT security, were jointly accredited by the FIDO Alliance to carry out biometric tests in accordance with FIDO specifications. The certification is based on two international standards. The first one is ISO 19795: Information technology – Biometric performance testing and reporting, and the second one is ISO 30107: Information technology – Biometric presentation attack detection.This certification, issued to ARIADNEXT accredits its remote identity verification solution: The scope of this certification includes all of the solution's capture tools, as well as face match and liveness detection services.Hosted in its own infrastructure, ARIADNEXT's biometric authentication solution is based on two components: the FaceMatch, face verification developed in-house and the PAD (Presentation Attack Detection), a system which uses a component supplied by ARIADNEXT's partner: BioID GmbH – a biometrics provider based in Germany. These two technologies used together, allow ARIADNEXT to offer a product that remains easy to use while meeting the FIDO Alliance requirements.Highly reliable identity rejects fraud attempts and identity theft. The Face match reliability has been evaluated with more than 300,000 combinations. The liveness detection reliability was also evaluated with more than500 attacks carried out using specific techniques, including photo prints on different media, 3D avatars and video projection.