Ealixir, an Internet technology company specializing in the management and protection of digital identity and computer technology rights, today announced that on December 20, 2020, the Company signed an agreement with the Milan Association of Chartered Accountants to provide its services. This follows a prior announcement issued by the Company on December 7, 2020, advising that the Company had signed a similar agreement with the Milan, Italy Bar Association. These transactions are intended to continue with the Company's efforts to expand its revenue base which, despite the pandemic, has not been significantly affected.The Milan Association of Chartered Accountants includes approximately 9,500 members. Ealixir intends to offer its services to solve the needs related to reputation and personal, corporate and product positioning on the Internet.The Company's growth continues to be consolidated day by day with the approach to new Italian and other international client reservoirs, including the agreement announced a couple of weeks ago, with the Milan Bar Association, which has over 20,000 members, plus all the related clientele and client base. It is the Company's plan to proceed with the signing of similar contracts in both of these categories, with the cities of Rome and Naples.