Fingerprint Cards has revealed that its sensors features in new smartphone models launched by Meitu and Sharp.The Meitu M6 has Fingerprint Cards' sensor FPC1035 mounted on the front. The M6 also comes equipped with Alipay and WeChat Pay and supports simple features like click/long-press, e.g. tapping and holding down a part of your screen, to activate and protect different apps.J├Ârgen Lantto, CEO of Fingerprint Cards, comments: “Meitu is one of the newer smartphone manufacturers in China and we are proud that they selected FPC1035 for the M6 model, its first smartphone model featuring a fingerprint sensor. FPC1035 supports 360 degree finger rotation capability, fast response time and industry leading 3D image quality”.Also on Monday, the 360 N4 all-band version and Gionee S5 were launched featuring Fingerprint Cards' touch fingerprint sensor FPC1035.Late last week, FPC noted that Sharp's new flagship smartphones AQUOS ZETA SH-04H and AQUOS Xx3 feature Fingerprint Cards' sensor FPC1145. These are the first flagship smartphone launches from Sharp in which one of Fingerprint Cards' sensors has been integrated.The two new Sharp smartphones have FPC's sensor FPC1145 mounted on the side. The flagship smartphones ZETA and Xx3 also come equipped with approximately 5.3 inch full HD/IGZO TFT display and approximately 22.6 megapixel camera and supports a user interface called EMOPA.Lantto, CEO of FPC, comments: “Sharp is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in Japan and we're proud that they selected FPC1145 for their latest flagship smartphones. FPC1145 offers secure and convenient user verification, it's an optimal combination of sensor size and performance”.