Airports and airlines around the world are currently managing the fine balance between tightening security requirements to protect safe travel and ensuring smooth, speedy journeys for travellers.

In the UK, the Home Office is one of the front-leaders to trial “contactless corridors” where hidden cameras automatically verify travellers’ identities as they walk pass the terminal, putting an end to cumbersome security requirements.

Following the challenges of recent years imposed by the pandemic, Delta stepped up investment in its digital security infrastructures, deploying biometric screening.  Unveiling the PARALLEL REALITY™ technology in January 2020, Delta like many airlines and airport got to work with a vision to transform seamless travelling by harnessing advanced data which could be used to compare with a live facial image.

Increasingly the bench-mark is evolving to enable customers to experience a hand-free and touchless security. According to Delta news hub, the airline is “laser-focused” on making airports “walking speed” to mitigate the feeling that travellers present an imminent security risk. The blog impresses on the reader that future of secure travel should go under the radar.

In addition to both Atlanta and Detroit hubs, digital ID technology will soon be fully installed in two new terminals at LAX and LGA to allow customers to opt for hand-free experiences when checking in their bags, passing through security, powered by TSA PreCheck.

Delta’s PARALLEL REALITY technology also digitally enhances the way flight information is communicated with the customer. Over 200 million Delta customers can receive real-time, personalised updates on their flights from a 250-foot LED digital backwall erected in the terminal lobby.

The information board is situated in the new T3 terminal at LAX airport and allows customers who scan their paper or digital boarding pass to receive their own flight information. Up to 100 customers can share the screen at the same time however only see their information due to the biometric capabilities of the technology.

Delta News Hub cites the “endless possibilities” that are in reach and “walking-speed airports are truly within reach” with the integration of biometric systems which have the potential to scan travellers throughout their journey through the airport.
In summary, Allison Ausband, E.V.P. and Chief Customer Experience Officer emphasises how digital innovation and infrastructure upgrades that Delta have successfully implemented can make the customer feel more valued, as opposed to being considered as security threats.
She says: “That’s why personalising the customer experience is a priority for us. It’s one more way for us to say you matter and thank you for flying with Delta. There is no better time to keep climbing – I hope you’ll keep climbing with us to see our vision become reality”