Biometric software and hardware solutions provider Bio-key announced that the cybersecurity group of one of the world's most respected government defense ministries has purchased and implemented BIO-key's software and hardware to secure access to their internal Microsoft Windows infrastructure.The initial purchase order, valued at approximately $257K, will enable convenient, yet strong, authentication for the users of defense ministry IT systems and is expected to lead to additional opportunities as the solution is deployed more broadly. Revenue from the contract is expected to be recognized in the Company's fiscal 2018 first quarter.After extensive security testing and evaluation, the ministry selected and deployed BIO-key's WEB-key server-based biometric management platform, as well as BIO-key fingerprint scanners, to protect its existing federated Microsoft Active Directory environment.BIO-key's secure authentication platform has been integrated with the ministry's Microsoft Windows Active Directory Federation Services(ADFS) used to control access to shared files, Microsoft Office applications and Outlook secure email with a seamless biometric authentication experience. BIO-key worked closely with the ministry's cybersecurity team to integrate its state-of-the-art, cloud-enabled biometric authentication with their ADFS to deliver more a secure biometric single sign-on access to systems and applications located across organizational boundaries.BIO-key's SVP Strategy and Business Development, Jim Sullivan commented, “This project and its successful deployment are a testament to the vision and value of our server-based biometric solutions. This customer is world-renowned for its cybersecurity expertise and standards. We are honored that they chose to use our software after finding it satisfied their standards for security, accuracy, and user experience.”Mike DePasquale, Chairman & CEO, BIO-key commented, “This contract confirms the security, workflow and return on investment benefits of our solutions in enabling customers to meet rigorous requirements for strong multi-factor authentication. Defense ministries must be at the cutting edge of highly secure and cost-effective solutions to protect sensitive infrastructure from security threats. We are proud to have been selected by this highly sophisticated customer as their trusted biometric security provider.”