DateID, a California-based online date-screening platform, availed the ID verification services of Shufti Pro to keep its customers safe from ever-increasing online dating scams. By providing real-time identity authentication, easy API integration, and a customer-centric UX, Shufti Pro enabled DateID to onboard customers in a much quicker, safer, and effortless manner. As a result, their customer acquisition rate grew by 300% within two years of using Shufti Pro's IDV service. With the help of AI models, the DateID platform scans the web for critical information on online dating users to build data-rich profiles that are compiled in a searchable database. This allows legitimate online daters to curate their profiles, and receive watermarked photos for use on dating sites. The company is successfully bringing security, transparency, and accountability to the online dating world.Commenting on the remarkable results of the partnership, the CEO and Co-founder of Shufti Pro, Victor Fredung stated: “We are pleased that with our state-of-the-art ID verification solution, DateID has now been verifying users more confidently for the past two years. They needed a well-thought-out service with a user-centric experience that not only provided real-time and accurate information, but on-the-go verification as well.” The interactive and simple UX of Shufti Pro's IDV solution allows DateID's end-users to avoid lengthy verification procedures, and develop a better product understanding, thereby reducing false negatives and the abandonment rate. “Shufti Pro's UX is very well-thought-out compared to some other platforms we tested,” stated Remy Tennant, the founder DateID. That's not all. While DateID was able to multiply its customer acquisition rate using Shufti Pro's AI-powered ID verification service, they also achieved two other targets: digital fraud rates and false chargeback claims went down significantly. To be precise, DateID's digital fraud rates dropped by 28%, while false chargeback claims dipped by 150% through Shufti Pro's face and document verification service. Shufti Pro's digital ID verification products utilize a hybrid technology of human and artificial intelligence to assist businesses in verifying end-users during the onboarding process. There are thousands of AI models that Shufti Pro deploys to provide verification results with an accuracy rate of 98.67%. As a result, DateID has become one of the safest platforms to utilize when diving into the online dating space.