A leading provider of single platform digital onboarding and cross-channel authentication, Daon has announced it has joined forces with Ping Identity, integrating with PingOne DaVinci. Both solutions providers will be exhibiting as Gold Sponsors at the upcoming Identity Week Asia conference on 6-7 September in Singapore.

The PingOne DaVinci no-code identity orchestration service is differentiated from other solutions by delivering an open approach, meaning regardless of how many vendors are used, DaVinci is capable of supporting a company’s entire tech stack. It is interoperable with popular enterprise applications harnessing hundreds of advanced integrations. Ping Identity states the technology wastes minimal time while delivering maximum user value with an easy to deploy cloud solution that only requires one API response.

With DaVinci’s simple drag-and-drop interface, any company can craft optimised user digital journeys across applications and ecosystems. It meets business logic without the help of developers. Dion have now become the newest technology provider to develop integrations with PingOne DaVinci for no-code user journeys, enabling enterprises to focus on other areas of build, such as security, personalisation and enhancing seamlessness. The partnership was forged through the Ping Identity Global Technology Partner Program.

Daon specialises in developing high-grade future mobile biometric authentication technology across fingerprint, voice and facial domains.

“Our goal at Daon is to provide the best and most secure authentication technology and services to global customers, either directly or through a trusted partner like Ping Identity,” says Ralph Rodriguez, President and Chief Product Officer at Daon.

“PingOne DaVinci customers will benefit from using Daon’s technology for secure and reliable biometric-based multi-factor authentication.”

Loren Russon, SVP of Product Management at Ping Identity commented: “Ping Identity is committed to expanding our technology partner ecosystem to deliver better, more frictionless customer experiences”.

“Our partnership with Daon leverages PingOne DaVinci’s seamless orchestration to ensure dynamic user journeys are delivered quickly and efficiently at every stage of the user journey”.

Daon’s connector for PingOne DaVinci allows customers access to Daon IdentityX for multi-factor authentication. Users opt to authenticate via a mobile device using facial or voice biometrics to provide secure access.