Biometric authentication and ID solutions firm Daon has revealed its role in a delivering Automated Passport Control Kiosks to Dublin Airport in support of the United States of America Customs and Border Protection Pre-Clearance.Pre-clearance at Dublin Airport enables passengers flying to the US to be processed for US immigration and customs while still in Dublin. It also allows airlines to access a broader range of domestic airport terminals and domestic airports in the US.Daon said it was selected from an international tendering procedure for the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Automated Passport Control (APC) Kiosks and their associated services/equipment in the US Pre-Clearance facility in Dublin Airport.The APC kiosks reduce passenger processing time, facilitate more passengers being processed and enable the Dublin Airport Authority (daa) to offer more flights to the US. Following the success of an initial delivery in December, additional kiosks were added in advance of an expanded summer schedule. Daon worked with its strategic aviation partner GCR Inc. to source the APC Kiosks and leverage GCR's expertise from multiple US Airport technology implementations to best serve Dublin Airport's requirements.”The quality of the passenger experience is hugely important to us,” said Dublin Airport Managing Director Vincent Harrison. “The APC kiosk program helped Dublin Airport reduce the passenger pre-clearance time while also increasing the number of passengers we could facilitate going to the US. We were looking for a technology company which could deliver while working in partnership with Dublin Airport and align with our business planning to ensure successful operation in a very short timeframe.””We are proud that Daon and our partner GCR were selected for this multi-year engagement with Dublin Airport” said Tom Grissen, CEO at Daon. “The kiosks have processed hundreds of thousands of passengers already while reducing individual passenger clearance times to minutes. Dublin Airport has been able to successfully manage the overall wait at peak times of departure and Daon looks forward to a continued engagement with the airport as its business grows.”Dublin Airport is the only capital city airport in Europe that offers US-bound passengers the ability to pre-clear all US customs, immigration and agriculture checks prior to departure. Dublin has been growing its transatlantic business significantly in recent years, and is Europe's fastest-growing long-haul airport in 2015.