China Merchants Bank has said it will deploy multi-modal biometric solutions to keep on top of client-centric banking trends.Speaking to the South China Morning Post, senior staff said that face recognition is the first solution to be explored.”We have launched face recognition at our ATMs for cash withdrawal to grant clients more options,” said Zhu Sihua, retail banking deputy general manager at the bank's Shanghai branch. “Banking of tomorrow will require more personalised, mobile services and traditional banks like us can better integrate online and offline resources such as ATMs.”The bank operates nearly 1,000 ATMs in 106 cities. By the end of 2017, all of its ATMs in Shanghai will enable clients to withdrawal cash via face recognition.Alfred Shang, a Bain & Co partner, said new technologies are bringing about a cultural change in the banking sector.”Most importantly, it's a change of the mindset. Banks have to act on client-centric principles, or customers will and can go elsewhere,” he said.