Comba Telecom, a solutions and services provider of wireless and information communications systems, announced the launch of ScanViS GateGuard PRO, a more advanced facial recognition access control solution specifically designed for enterprises.ScanViS GateGuard PRO is designed to enhance operational efficiency and private security for enterprises. It is a 7-inch facial recognition device with strong components delivering practical and highly flexible functions, including effective liveness detection, multi-factor ID verification, door control and alarm setting. Users can manage ID group and entry authorization through a comprehensive user interface. It also offers configurable web services integration, allowing administrators to combine access control with HR, service registration, reporting and other systems under a single umbrella. For example, when employed in the intercom system of a company, voice communication will be available between staff and visitors via the device. The integration of devices across multiple functions and platforms gives security and facility managers more comprehensive control over their premises. Since the first launch of ScanViS GateGuard series, it has been widely adopted by enterprises in office buildings, operator's data centers, beauty centers, business school campuses, VIP rooms, elderly care centers, and residential towers. Given the growing trend of mobile workforce and smart building, GateGuard PRO is an upgraded version engineered with multiple functions to automate attendance recording and visitor entry authorization for medium to large enterprises who look for efficient and safe access control system. Ms. Annabel Huo, Executive Director, Senior Vice President of the Group and President of Comba Telecom International said, “ScanViS has developed a wide range of facial recognition solutions for enterprises. We believe the launch of GateGuard PRO will further help meet the fast growing needs from enterprises on seeking more advanced private security access control in their premises.”