An East China province will use facial recognition technology this year to register students sitting the gaokao, or national college entrance examination.Scanning equipment has so far been installed at about one-quarter of the more than 38,000 test sites in Jiangsu Province ahead of the exam set to take place on Thursday. This is the first year facial recognition tech will be used in the province to ID students, according to Zhao Jianning, director of the network information center at Jiangsu's education examination bureau. In recent years, everything from drones to metal detectors and other technology have played increasing roles in combating cheating on the competitive exam. Facial recognition is not only used to speed up registration, but also deter students from hiring others to sit the exam in their place. Ahead of the test last Friday, students at Nanjing People's High School were allowed to give the Kaowutong scan terminal a spin. The system automatically cross-references the scanned facial image with that on their ID and the one provided in their gaokaoapplication.If the three images match, the student is prompted to sit down. Otherwise, the director at the examination site is alerted to investigate further. Provincial education authorities stressed the scan system is merely a tool to help register students more conveniently.